If you like wine, chances are you like cheese, too. Rather than searching through the same old store for some cheeses to go with that bottle, tour the Upper Hudson Valley Wine Trail on June 10th and 11th for Wine & Cheese Weekend for both! Our wineries will offer perfectly paired wines and cheeses for you to try at each stop on the trail. You may even find your new favorite pairing! So grab your friends, family and come sample some of the best, local artisanal cheeses and wines our region has to offer.

You’ll have a weekend full of excellent wine flights and cheese samples as you travel the trail to our tasting rooms and farmer’s markets. Plus, you’ll enjoy other special offers throughout the year.

This event is exclusive to UHVWT Passport holders, so if you’re itching to get out and try some fantastic wine and cheese pairings head over to our website to check out our passport deal, now. Passport holders are entitled to more offers and discounts throughout the year, too, like free wine tastings and wine discounts. This is a deal you can’t refuse! So, hit the trail with your passport, enjoy delicious wine and cheese pairings, and reap the benefits all year long!

The season is upon us! Anyone familiar with winemaking knows that this is the time of year where the very first steps are taken to create the wines you love. If you’re a little less familiar with the process we’ve gone through and listed the steps us winemakers take, starting with the pruning of the previous year’s vines and ending with your glass full. Take a look below and see how we do it!

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Gerry Barnhart, winemaker at Victory View Vineyard, enjoys wine. That is why when customers ask why he got into the business, he replies, “I’ve enjoyed drinking wine for a long time.”

After retiring from NYS Department of Environment Conservation as Director of Fish, Wildlife and Marine Resources, Gerry Barnhart wanted to keep busy on his farm in Easton. So, in 2008, with the help of his family, he planted cold-hardy grapevines in an alfalfa field. In 2010 he crafted a small batch of marquette which received local acclaims. So, he planted more vines, crafted more wine and opened a tasting room in August 2013.

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Since National Mulled Wine Day is coming up on March 3rd, we want to share a little bit of our knowledge of mulled wine with you, our favorites, and how you can make your own! If you’re someone that loves a little heat and spice with your wine then this is exactly what you’re looking for.

What is mulled wine? Mulled wine is wine that has been heated and spiced and usually made with spices, fruits, and occasionally honey. Some of the more popular mixes will combine cinnamon, nutmeg, citrus, vanilla, and more!

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It’s that time of year where you’re looking for the perfect gift to give your loved one. We all know you may buy some chocolate or flowers, but how about some wine?! No matter your plans, a bottle of wine fits any occasion. Better yet, we have some of the best New York wins right here in the upper Hudson Valley. We don’t want you to waste time wandering the aisles at the store, so here’s some wines you need to consider if you really want to impress. Even better we have some Valentine’s events already planned out for you! Check them out at the end of this article.

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